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  • Allan Johnston post Queen of the South
    Sat, 6th May 2017

  • Callum Fordyce post Queen of the South
    Sat, 6th May 2017

  • Queen of the South 0-1 Dunfermline
    Sat, 6th May 2017

  • Dunfermline 3-1 Morton
    Sat, 29th Apr 2017

  • Rhys McCabe post Morton
    Sat, 29th Apr 2017

  • Allan Johnston post Morton
    Sat, 29th Apr 2017

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Season 2016-2017

Thank you all for viewing with us throughout the season. Generally we feel we have had a good season. I appreciate we have had the occassional problem but the last few games we have resolved our procedures and had some good streams.

I also understand some people have had difficulty so we are looking at using an update (non-Flash) player for the coming season.

Thanks for all your feedback.

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Queen of the South vs Dunfermline

ParsTV take the long road to Dumfries for the final game of the season.

I think you will agree that the team perfomances have improved towards the end of the season and I also feel that the ParsTV coverage has been much improved

We have had some issues this year, most of which have been connection issues and some different types of problems. I feel we have got the platform stable.

However, we will be looking at some further changes for the start of the new season. One big target we have is to extend the gantry at EEP so that we have more space and better facilities. This is one of the problem areas. This is the area where we may need some funding.

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Dunfermline vs Morton

Dunfermline`s final home game of the season, pushing for 5th place in the league.

I`m now sure we have ironed out the gremlins in the system we have had this year, we have two games to ensure that we are now fully working.

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