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ParsTV away at Morton

ParsTV away at MortonThe last couple of away games we had problems getting the stream out at the start of the match.

On both occassions the WiFi dongle appeared to be very good however problems then arose. It appeared that the problem may be with the Macbook rather than the wifi dongle itself. (software upgrade perhaps ?). Why can`t the technology stopping changing ?? lol

We will test during the week and hope that away at Morton this should be fine.

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Buckie Full Game replay

We uploaded the Buckie Full Game Replay. It seems to work only on some browsers, it was uploaded from a new laptop so that may be the problem.
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Buckie vs Dunfermline Irn Bru Cup

Buckie vs Dunfermline Irn Bru CupDunfermline head to Buckie on Saturday for a visit twice within the space of a year.

Arrived at Buckie and connection speed is excellent, so we are expecting to stream. Stream ON by 2.45pm. Post match though we were unable to get the stream out first half but success for the second half.
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Dumbarton 0-4 Dunfermline Full Game

Dumbarton 0-4 Dunfermline Full GameWe have uploaded the Dumbarton game and is ready to watch the whole game, well, except short period at beginning when we lost wifi. We tried to follow the full game but bear with us at times whil the play may be a little slow, busy checking users on ParsTV at that times.
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Dumbarton vs Dunfermline

Dumbarton vs DunfermlineDunfermline head to the Rock with a bit of confidence after a good start to the season.

ParsTV are on the same boat and Dumbarton connectivity should be good enough as we have good signal there. Let`s hope the team and ourselves have a good day :o)
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Dunfermline vs Falkirk

Dunfermline entertain Falkirk in the 3rd home game in 7 days. Tuesday nights stream was good apart from a drop out with some people on wifi connections.
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Dunfermline vs Arbroath

Dunfermline vs ArbroathDunfermline entertain Arbroath in the 1st round of the Irn Bru Challenge Cup. Fresh on the back of scoring sixteen goals in their last three home games the Fifers are looking forward to meeting their League One opponents. See [ Match Preview ].
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Dundee United Playoffs 2018

Dundee United Playoffs 2018We have put up full games of the Play Off matches against Dundee United from May 2018.

Dunfermline had a great chance to get past Dundee United with their performances in both games, but sadly couldn`t quite make it.

We hope you like the replay, there is no commentary. If you would like to donate to Support the Pars then please click on the Purchase link to donate (selecting quantity of say 3 to donate £6.00)

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No Stream today

Hope you are all keeping safe during these times.

We have tried to get a stream for today but delayed due to file transfer issues. Will keep you posted when a stream will be available,

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Lee Bullen chats with ParsTV

Lee Bullen chats with ParsTVDuring these lockdown times, it`s given everyone at Pars TV some time to reach out and speak to some of our former players who have contributed greatly to the club over the years. The first player we have spoken to is Lee Bullen.

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