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We have been asked a lot recently about out streaming setup so I decided to setup this page to let you know all about it. PLEASE do not confuse us with the ParsTV streaming in Iran, that is completely different. When we originally setup Pars TV (in the UK) we did not know about the setup in Iran.

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club originally setup a Live Video Stream for overseas viewers and it was called ParsTV due to DAFC`s nickname, `The Pars`. At the time, we recorded the match for the benefit of the manager. Using the recorded footage, we were able to provide highlights of up to 3 minutes which were shown on the Club`s Official Web Site (COWS).

From there it was a relatively easy step to take the live recording and stream out to a web server.

Our fist season was in 2010/11 when we were in the old First Division (which is now called the Championship). That season, DAFC won the league. David Lemon and Brian Duncan decided to setup the initial system, in which we streamed direct from a camera. That season we had great help from Ronnie Weymes who helped us to purchase some equipment, including a camera and some hard drives.

Over time we have setup other kit and I will explain below exactly how we do it.

At the ground

At the stadium we have the following equipment:

  1. New 4K camera ( wasHD Camera Sony CX-220E)
  2. An encoder box to connect Camera to the Macbook)
  3. A Macbook running Adobe FMLE (more later)
  4. Microphones
  5. 4G dongle

That is really all the kit we need at the stadium. Unfortunately a lot of the time we are dependent on getting a good 4G/3G signal at away grounds. On occasion the signal has impacted the level of quality or buffering of a stream.

We now have a new camera which will give us a much improved service ! We also now use 4G dongle and also use fibre at EEP

Purchase match view

We then setup this web site to allow people to purchase a particular match or to purchase a Season Pass. We have written special scripts so that people can purchase with PayPal and these payments entered into a database within the web site. People do need to be registered and when they login they are presented with a list of matches they have purchased.
Before match kick-off they can then view through this `purchased link` the actual match stream itself.

Streaming Server

The actual stream needs to be fed through a streaming server. This handles all the connections from people wishing to view the stream. We use Wowza Streaming Server software.

Enhanced Viewing

To enhance the viewing we use production software from telecast called Wirecast. This allows us to embed images and text onto the stream, as well as switching in different cameras. Wirecast also provides a scoreboard that is easily updated as teams score.

We realised that we need to use Wirecast to allow I-Pad and various Tablets users to pick up the stream. While using a laptop and standard web browser, the viewer can view the direct camera stream or the Wirecast stream.

How to setup with Wowza

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