Dunfermline Athletic

Dunfermline vs Inverness

Dunfermline entertain Inverness for the first league home game of season 2017-2018.

After our inability to get a decent stream out at Ibrox was a disappointment and the same to many people on holiday, which we do appreciate was extremely frustrating. Our service will be back to normal on Saturday.

Post Match Note: the stream today was as good as the previous streams we have published this season with most people getting a very good stream.

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Queen of the South vs Dunfermline

Queen of the South vs DunfermlineThe next game for ParsTV is on 24th February in Dumfries against Queen of the South.

There is no game on 17th February as the Inverness game at home is rescheduled to Tuesday 6th March at 7.45pm.

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Livingston vs Dunfermline

Livingston vs DunfermlineDunfermline head to Livingston on Saturday for the re-arranged game.

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