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Falkirk vs Dunfermline

Falkirk vs DunfermlineDunfermline head to Falkirk for the last game of 2018. Let’s see if they can find there scoring boots on saturday.

If you are overseas then sign up for the video stream. In UK why not listen on audio. Recently we had some gremlins with the audio stream but now seems to be resolved.
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Ayr United vs Dunfermline

A crucial game on Saturday against Ayr United with some ex-Pars players in the opposition team. Hopefully Santa will come early and Dunfermline can get a few goals and all three points.

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ParsTV change to QoS game today

Please note we are not travelling to Dumfries today but we will have a complete change of option today.

We plan to have a `studio` stream live from 3pm (not live commentary or live video stream). We will charge £1 for this service

However, keep an eye on the website and DAFC.net to see what we are doing.
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Queen of the South

Queen of the SouthParsTV and Dunfermline are heading on the long trek to Dumfries on Saturday. Join us if you can.

Unfortunately we had a technical problem with Audio only stream last week due to laptop and software update. The kit has been tested on Tuesday and will be fine for the audio only stream this week.

There was no issues with video stream, we hope you like the new replay feature.

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Partick Thistle vs Dunfermline

Dunfermline head to Firhill on Saturday hoping to have the same perfoance as last weeks home game against Morton.

ParstV have a new laptop and some initlial teething troubles will have hopefully been solved by the time we get to Glasgow :o)

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Full Game Partick Thistle

The full Partick Thistle vs Dunfermline game will be live at midnight. Cost will be £1.00

There are two parts to the game, ensure you select the next part after first has played. You may need to press play to start. You can also use the slider to fast forward the first 15 minutes pre-match
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Dunfermline vs Morton

Dunfermline vs MortonDunfermline entertain Morton at home this saturday hoping to revive their season. So far its been a bit tough but hopefully a home win will keep the fans happy.
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Ross County vs Dunfermline

Dunfermline (and ParsTV) take the long trek to Dingwall on Saturday.

*** Please note we will be short on resources on Saturday but do expect to get the stream out as normal. Please purchase and setup prior to the game as there may be limited suport during the game.

There will be no scores updated or team news on the stream.
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Season 2020/2021

Season 2020/2021Once we know the format for the coming season we will post an update.

We are currently looking at updating the web site for the new season. If you have any feedback on your use of ParsTV please let us know. You input will be appreciated.

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Dundee United Playoffs 2018

Dundee United Playoffs 2018We have put up full games of the Play Off matches against Dundee United from May 2018.

Dunfermline had a great chance to get past Dundee United with their performances in both games, but sadly couldn`t quite make it.

We hope you like the replay, there is no commentary. If you would like to donate to Support the Pars then please click on the Purchase link to donate (selecting quantity of say 3 to donate £6.00)

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No Stream today

Hope you are all keeping safe during these times.

We have tried to get a stream for today but delayed due to file transfer issues. Will keep you posted when a stream will be available,

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