Frequently Asked Questions

Attention: Please check our FAQs below before contacting us.

Computers and laptops: You can watch the live match on an up to date
computer or laptop. Make sure your browser is up to date and has
JavaScript enabled. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to
view the match. If you are having issues viewing the match on one browser
please try a different one.

iPads and iPhones: You much have iOS 11.3 or higher installed and use
Safari or Google Chrome to view the live match.

Android: The live match will work on most modern, up to date Android
devices, including phones, tablets and smart TVs.
You can only watch the live match on one device at any one time. If you
sign into an additional device and try to view the live match you will be
logged out of the first device. Likewise, if you share your login details
and someone else logins in at the same time as you it will end your live
match broadcast.
The most reliable way to view on the match on your TV is to connect it to
a laptop with an HDMI cable. Please note Samsung Smart TV are not
Yes, your Customer ID and Postcode will remain the same for each match
The stream will be live approximately 1 hour before kick off. The live
show will start 15 minutes before kick off.
Yes. You can login and start viewing the match at any time until the end
of the event.
We normally stream about 45 minutes before kick-off however, during the 2020/21 season we could be later to starting to stream due to time restrictions in how early we are able to gain access to stadiums due to the current situation.
Yes our games are available to watch on demand after the game has finished, normally available from midnight on the ParsTV website to watch with the same experience as if you were watching the game as it were live.
This is because your Customer Number (Season Ticket number) or Post Code don`t match up with what we have stored for you in our database.

For any queries around this you should contact
You can watch ParsTV on a range of devices and browsers, we do recommend watching on devices which have up to date software, this can vary from device to device.

The most reliable option is to watch on a laptop (you can plug this into your TV via a HDMI cable). People regularly watch on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Android Tablets etc

SmartTVs do work in a majority of cases however, there is a minority of cases where smartTVs don`t work. Some are not supported, with so many modules and software versions on smart TVs which are often never updated.
Scroll down to the Season Ticket box and select the Click Here button. Enter your Customer ID and Post Code (with or without spaces)

Your will then be taken to the Live stream page. Note that it may say offline if it is more than an hour prior to the stream starting.
The quickest option is to use our new Online Support function. While we are streaming there will always be somebody online to answer questions and provide support. If we ar eno tonline please submit your question and we will respond as soon as we can.

Th eonline Chat function is primarily aimed at users chatting during the match.
The Customer Number and Postcode allow Season Ticket holders quick access to our system.

If you are prompted with a message indicating that your credentials do not match, you can log into the DAFC season ticket system to update your postcode. You can also contact the Club Shop to verify your details.