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Borehamwood in Legends Cancelled ******

I will refund all money`s paid so far for this. (those that paid for tickets in legends last Saturday included please contact Brian, those paid online will be refunded online)

it is not appropriate for me to comment on this at this stage.

all I can do is sincerely apologise to raise people expectations to see the game, which I`m trully sorry.

our aim was to try and to do things for fans that could not make it.

Suffice to say we spent all week trying to get the hardware setup on all TV`s in Legends (working successfully!)

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Falkirk Full Game up now

Ee have added the full game for Falkirk from yesterday (saturday). Cost is £1.00. Anybody can watch.

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Dunfermline vs Falkirk

Dunfermline entertain Falkirk on Saturday at East End Park. Falkirk have not had a great start to the season while Dunfermline fell away a bit. However I`m sure both teams will want to win such a big local derby game. Of course, we are looking for a home win :o)

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