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Memorable Matches on ParsTV Falkirk vs Dunfermline 7 April 2018

You asked for it & we are giving you it!

Memorable Matches on ParsTV` launches on Wednesday evening at 19:05.

We will be joined by James Craigen as we re-live the full 90 minutes of Falkirk 1-2 @officialdafc from April 2017.

The stream will cost £5, with all proceeds going to #DAFC

If you want to donate more to the `Support the Pars` Fighting Fund, there will be options to purchase the stream for £10, £15 and £20.

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ParsTV supports - Support the Pars

ParsTV supports - Support the ParsParsTV are delighted to announce the donation of £1,500 to the "Support the Pars" Fighting Fund.

This money has been raised following the successful stream take-up over the last few days.

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Replay of Relive Season 2015/2016

After another successfull stream today the season highlights have now been uploaded as a Video On Demand available to watch at your leisure

** Note ** that the first hour is highlights from this season and you can slide forward 60 minutes to start of season 2015/2016

We stopped and started recording just before 3pm but the online system was too clever, it thought stream was down and up so it decided to automatically join the two recordings together 🙈

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Relive the 2015/16 season

Relive the 2015/16 season Coming up on Saturday 28th March at 3pm on ParsTV.

Relive the 2015/16 season as The Pars romped home to victory as Champions of League One. This unreleased video footage was put together following the conclusion of that season, and is now available for viewing on Saturday 28th March at 3pm.

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