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ParsTV Stream against Rangers

As we found out at Ibrox the stream tobegin with was very poor. We ran a speedtest and manage a very very slow uplaod speed. The problem was the LAN connection gave 110Kbps upload speed, while we were used to well over 10Mbps at Livingston and Tyecastle.

The two images below show the Livingston (22Mbps upload) and Hearts (30Mbps) speedtest carried out.

The connection speed is our limiting factor and often there is nothing we can do about it,as was the case at Ibrox this evening. We had anticpated getting a reasonable signal.

Strangely for part of the first half and the second half the upload rate from the streem was 800Kbps compared to 10% of that earlier and I belive the stream was perhaps watchable.

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