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St Mirren vs Dunfermline

Dunfermline head through to St Mirren on Saturday hoping to get the season back on track.

p.s. apologies for server downtime this morning, a network issue at datacenter.

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Brechin vs Dunfermline

Brechin vs DunfermlineDunfermline head to Brechin on Tuesday with the aim of picking up all 3 points.

After the trouble ParsTV had on Saturday getting a stream out we will be using a basic connection on Tuesday. Despite having quite a few good streams recently saturdays problem were unexpected. The issues have been reported to technical support but testing today showed that the kit connectivity is good.

We recognise the issue was with the CDN server. We have now setup a backup CDN server in case a problem occurs with the main server.

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Issues with Morton stream

Apologies for the technical problems we had with the stream today. Unfortunately it wasn`t until the second half when the stream stabilised. It appears to have been a problem with the CDN server. We will check out the kit before the next game.

This year we have had vey few problems occurring during the match itself, serious issues like those are very infrequent and hopefully won`t happen again.

All those that purchased the match stream were refunded.

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